What’s Coming Up in August!

Jul.31.2019 BY KIXEYE_Chris

July is coming to a close and it’s time to take a look at what is coming up in August – including additional endgame work and a new IFV Light Vehicle!


On Wednesday, July 31st, several CC12 upgrades are getting a cost reduction in order to make them more attainable for all.

  • Command Center 12 – 30% resource cost reduction
  • Attack Platoon 13 – 30% resource cost reduction
  • Heavy Platform 6 – 30% resource cost reduction


Any users that have already purchased these upgrades will receive the difference in resources credited back to their account. Enjoy!


On Friday, August 2nd, a special 2-week series of Atomic Holidays begins. This time, alliance objective rewards have increased! 

Keep your eyes out for a special briefing for this event. 


Rogue Assault is running an extra week of Spec Ops in August before starting the feature event. Sometime during this extra week, we’ll be running our first ever bonus event for the “Collectors” of our community: STOCKPILE.

Have older units in your Army you want to finish upgrading? Stockpile provides the chance to pick up rewards for lower-tier units that aren’t normally available for high level players. Keep your eyes on the event portal for this special event to appear. 


August’s feature event, HOURGLASS, begins on the 15th at 9:00AM PDT. Your troops continue their march through the Light Vehicle season, and players in the Elite tier will have the opportunity to claim a brand new IFV called the KODIAK.

Reminiscent of the Grizzly, and a tier higher in sheer power, the Kodiak is designed to unleash damage as it whips around enemy bases, then twist the knife a final time upon its own death by deploying a squadron of Spartan infantry units into the battle. 

The Kodiak is also the perfect pairing for the Scimitar, for those who wish to round out their platoons with the most recent units in the game.


As part of the 3.13 and 3.14 updates, a few endgame features are getting a little bit of love. First, the Alliance Tech Tree will now have a “Recommended” flag, which can be set by the General and Major Generals on the roster. 

The tech tree will auto-scroll to whichever node is selected, reducing communication barriers in multi-language alliances or alliances with Commanders who aren’t all online at the same time.

In addition to this, the first round of Stronghold/Outpost updates are coming to the War Zones, with increased availability of all types of SH/OP bases throughout the day. In the later release, the reward panel for SH/OP bases is getting an update to better communicate the types of rewards that can be received.

Finally, in preparation for a new Mega Unit arriving in September, a platoon restriction is being implemented for how many total Mega Units can be added to a platoon at one time. Following this change, only 2 Mega Units can ever be brought to battle at once. 


In the early part of August, a new type of Heavy turret is coming to the battlefield: the Heavy SAM turret. This turret will create a significant problem for older air units and protect your base against all but the most powerful bombardments. Aditionally, towards the end of August, another round of CC12 upgrades are opening up, including:

  • Airfield 10
  • Airfield Defense Platoon 10
  • Howitzer 12
  • Global Ops 10
  • Support for FOB 10 levels (release schedule TBD)


This month marks another major defense update for bases. If you’re having trouble getting defeated too frequently, make sure you pick up these new levels. 


Blueprint fragments continue to be available for the next Mega Unit: the Phantom. This aerial behemoth will first become available in September, and we’re pleased to be able to preview its primary attack functionality below, straight from one of our engineer’s machines:


Step 1: Select a starting point for your bombing run.

Step 2: Extend the bombing track out in any direction to cover the area upon which you want to drop your available payload.

Step 3: Release, and watch the fun begin! The Phantom arrives to the battlefield in stealth mode to execute the bombing run you just ordered.

As always, thanks for playing War Commander: Rogue Assault. We’re looking forward to bringing you another thrilling month of action.


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