3.9 Update Notes

Jun.03.2019 BY KIXEYE_Chris

The 3.9 Update contains support for the June feature event, as well as two brand new units in the Trident and the Scimitar. It also contains a brand new alliance rank – the Major General!


  • [Alliance] A new rank is now available for alliances – the Major General! This rank shares all alliance privileges of the Colonel, but can also set Alliance Relationships and forfeit Control Points similar to Generals. This rank will be enabled Monday, June 10th.
  • [Event] June’s feature event – BLOOD OATH – begins June 13th. This is the last event of the Helicopter season, so battle it out to prepare for the upcoming Light Vehicle season.
  • [New Unit] The primary unit available in Blood Oath is the Scimitar. This Light Vehicle packs a powerful anti-air punch, exceling of kiting Helicopters and Fixed Wing Aircraft.
  • [New Unit] June’s Mega Unit – the Trident is officially available to use for those that own all 100 blueprint fragments as of June 10th. The first Light Vehicle mega unit, the Trident provides a tactical advantage by utilizing its EMP secondary weapon to temporarily disable turrets.
  • [Combat] Stun is the Trident’s brand new combat mechanic behind its EMP secondary weapon. It can stun enemy defense turrets for a short period of time, allowing other units in your platoon to safely make their move with rush tactics.


  • [Event] Additional level 55 and 65 maps have been added to the monthly event, which will provide an in between step for what is normally a significant difficulty jump.


  • [Combat] Paladin secondary weapon doesn’t target barriers
  • [UI] Unlocked but unequipped equipment slot exclamation mark icon disappears
  • [UI] Upgrade icons persist on unit card when equipment can no longer be upgraded
  • [UI] Multiple languages have text set too small in the NUX
  • [Purchasing] Players need to uninstall/reinstall the app to get subscriptions to renew
  • [Other] General bug fixes and minor visual improvements


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