3.8 Update Notes

May.13.2019 BY KIXEYE_Chris

The 3.8 Update contains another major defense update with the release of Command Center 12! Read the full details below.


  • [Base] Command Center 12 is coming to Rogue Assault! On May 13th, the following new building levels will be enabled.
    • Command Center 12
    • A second Heavy Platform to construct
    • Oil Pump 13
    • Oil Storage 13
    • Attack Platoon 13
  • [Base] On May 20th, additional CC12 content becomes available.
    • Heavy Platform 6
    • Salvo Turret 10
  • [Base] On May 20th, a new Light Vehicle building is available to Command Center 9 and above – the Garage. The Garage comes with a new defense wave that’s specific to Light Vehicles, meaning your War Factory no longer needs to compete between using Heavy or Light Vehicles for defense. No existing Light Vehicles are moving to this building, but future Light Vehicles may require its use.


  • [Level] Max Player Level has increased to 85. Steal rates have been updated accordingly.
  • [Tech Tree] The tech tree nodes that were released as part of 3.7 have had their art updated so they are not all using the same image.


  • [Other] General bug fixes and minor visual improvements.


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