3.6 Update Notes

Apr.15.2019 BY KIXEYE_Chris

The 3.6 updated continues the rollout for more base defenses, as well as a store refresh.


  • [Events] Beat a target during an event and your last victory cost will be saved. Blitz directly from the mission card with your saved cost at any time onward for the remainder of the event! Note that replaying the battle will save your new cost. This feature will go live on April 22nd.
  • [Base] Metal Producers 13 is available for all your Producers on April 22nd. Harvest even more Metal for your upgrades.
  • [Defense Update] A major defense update is arriving on April 15th and 22nd. Defense Platform 12 and SAM Turret 7 are available on the 15th. SAM 8; Flak Turret 8; Airfield 9 and Defense Air Platoon 9; and Elite Nemesis are all coming on the 22nd.


  • [Combat] Season 4 maps (Heavy Vehicle meta) for level 50 and 60 targets are coming to monthly events and Spec Ops.
  • [Store] Black Market component packs updated for CC 9 and 10.
  • [Currency] Build Token capacity limit removed, you can now hold more Build Tokens than before.
  • [Combat] When primary and secondary weapons are in range of the same target, secondary weapons will now obey primary attack commands. Again, this is only the case when both your primary and secondary weapons are in range of the same target, otherwise the secondary weapon will continue to operate independently.


  • [Combat] Incorrect caching of max health. This issue is responsible for many of the ‘undying units’ reports.
  • [Combat] Overlord appearing as base defender. Any Overlords in base defense have been automatically put back into storage and cannot be set to Defender platoons again.
  • [Combat] Cougars unable to destroy targets in Daily Raid
  • [Combat] BMP sometimes fails to spawn AGS
  • [Combat] Battle ends before infantry spawned from IFV are destroyed
  • [Other] General minor bug fixes and visual improvements.



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