Rite of Spring Returns!

Apr.14.2019 BY KIXEYE_Chris

Commander! The Rite of Spring special events, which helped players and alliances get caught up on units and building upgrades, is returning in April. The prize stores are identical to March, but there is a new schedule, and a new alliance objective that focuses on Equipment Tech.


Rite of Spring I: April 15th @ 10:00AM PDT – April 18th @ 10:00AM PDT

Rite of Spring II: April 22nd @ 10:00AM PDT – April 25th @ 10:00AM PDT

Rite of Spring III: April 29th @ 10:00AM PDT – May 2nd @ 10:00AM PDT


1,050 Weapons Tech x30,000
Systems Tech x30,000
Defense Tech x30,000
Crew Tech x30,000
Armor Tech x30,000
Infantry Commons x15,000
Light Vehicle Commons x15,000
Heavy Vehicle Commons x15,000
Helicopter Commons x15,000
Air Commons x15,000
Thorium x120,000,000
Metal x180,000,000
900 Weapons Tech x18,000
Systems Tech x18,000
Defense Tech x18,000
Crew Tech x18,000
Armor Tech x18,000
Infantry Commons x9,000
Light Vehicle Commons x9,000
Heavy Vehicle Commons x9,000
Helicopter Commons x9,000
Air Commons x9,000
Thorium x75,000,000
Metal x112,500,000
750 Weapons Tech x12,000
Systems Tech x12,000
Defense Tech x12,000
Crew Tech x12,000
Armor Tech x12,000
Infantry Commons x6,000
Light Vehicle Commons x6,000
Heavy Vehicle Commons x6,000
Helicopter Commons x6,000
Air Commons x6,000
Thorium x50,000,000
Metal x75,000,000
600 Weapons Tech x6,000
Systems Tech x6,000
Defense Tech x6,000
Crew Tech x6,000
Armor Tech x6,000
Infantry Commons x3,000
Light Vehicle Commons x3,000
Heavy Vehicle Commons x3,000
Helicopter Commons x3,000
Air Commons x3,000
Thorium x25,000,000
Metal x37,500,000
450 Weapons Tech x4,000
Systems Tech x4,000
Defense Tech x4,000
Crew Tech x4,000
Armor Tech x4,000
Infantry Commons x2,000
Light Vehicle Commons x2,000
Heavy Vehicle Commons x2,000
Helicopter Commons x2,000
Air Commons x2,000
Thorium x10,000,000
Metal x15,000,000
340 Weapons Tech x2,000
Systems Tech x2,000
Defense Tech x2,000
Crew Tech x2,000
Armor Tech x2,000
Infantry Commons x1,000
Light Vehicle Commons x1,000
Heavy Vehicle Commons x1,000
Helicopter Commons x1,000
Air Commons x1,000
Thorium x5,000,000
Metal x7,500,000
240 Weapons Tech x1,000
Systems Tech x1,000
Defense Tech x1,000
Crew Tech x1,000
Armor Tech x1,000
Infantry Commons x500
Light Vehicle Commons x500
Heavy Vehicle Commons x500
Helicopter Commons x500
Air Commons x500
Thorium x2,500,000
Metal x3,750,000
180 Weapons Tech x750
Systems Tech x750
Defense Tech x750
Crew Tech x750
Armor Tech x750
Infantry Commons x375
Light Vehicle Commons x375
Heavy Vehicle Commons x375
Helicopter Commons x375
Air Commons x375
Thorium x2,000,000
Metal x3,000,000
120 Weapons Tech x500
Systems Tech x500
Defense Tech x500
Crew Tech x500
Armor Tech x500
Infantry Commons x250
Light Vehicle Commons x250
Heavy Vehicle Commons x250
Helicopter Commons x250
Air Commons x250
Thorium x1,500,000
Metal x2,250,000


Just like last Rite of Spring, we will be tallying the amount of Shamrocks owned by an alliance at the very end of the final Rite of Spring – 10:00AM PDT on May 2nd.

You can change alliances whenever you want up to that point, you can kick people out of alliance as much as you want up to that point. Additionally, once 10:00AM PDT on May 2nd has passed, you don’t need to be in your alliance anymore. All that matters is how many Shamrocks your alliance has at 10:00AM PDT on May 2nd.

We will post the winning alliance list 24 hours prior to issuing the prizes.

Good luck, Commanders!


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