3.1 Update Notes

Feb.04.2019 BY KIXEYE_Chris

The 3.1 update has started its rollout, and contains support for the February event, the CENTURION, a new level 90 map, and the arrival of Mega Unit Fragments. Read the full details below and please note that the full list of contents will not roll out immediately – some are dependent on our invalidating all old versions of the game.


  • [Base] February’s Command Center 11 upgrades will be enabled Monday, February 11th. These upgrades include Peacemaker 7, Metal Storage 13, and Thorium Storage 9.
  • [Events] A new level 90 map has been added to the monthly feature event. 
  • [Events] The February feature event, WOODGOBLIN, begins Thursday, February 14th. Fight the all new BLOODFEUER faction in the fields of Germany.
  • [Unit] The new unit in February is the CENTURION. This mortar countermeasure unit is a tier above the Mantis, with powerful anti-air capabilities and health comparable to a Leopard tank. It is the perfect pairing for the Paladin, and crucial for the Heavy Vehicle season.


  • [Mega Units] Mega Unit Fragments for the Valkyrie have been added to the Veteran Tier store of Spec Ops III


  • [Combat] Mortar Countermeasures focus on immune projectiles
  • [SFX] HIMARS is missing sound when it attacks
  • [VFX] Honeycomb Strike projectiles are missing textures
  • [Text] Grammar corrections on Paladin equipment
  • [Newsfeed] Newsfeed breadcrumbs persisting following an article being read
  • [Buffs] Oil buffs persist after subscription has timed out
  • [Combat] Countermeasures on Ghostrider/F35-A not deploying correctly. This was a larger issue with Countermeasures that has now been resolved, meaning there will likely be some lift in CM effectiveness, primarily noticeable in flares.

Good luck out there, Commanders!


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