2.47 Patch Notes

Jan.08.2019 BY KIXEYE_Chris

The 2.47 update has started its rollout, and contains support for January’s feature events, CC11 upgrades, and the Mega Units framework feature. This rollout will take several days to fully go into effect. Read the full details below.


  • [Season 4] PvE Season 4 has come to Rogue Assault! This Heavy Vehicle season kicks off with the feature event, MORNINGSTAR, beginning January 17th.
  • [Units] A new long-range mobile artillery vehicle, the PALADIN, is available in the January feature event. This is a critical unit for the Heavy Vehicle season, so make sure you get your hands on one.
  • [Units] The official Mega Units Framework is being deployed. Earn fragments of these powerful PvP units in activities and events. Piece those fragments together over the course of several months to unlock a Mega Unit and unleash devastation. Note that this framework will not yet become visible until the first Mega Unit fragments begin to release, which will likely be around the end of January.
  • [Base] January’s Command Center 11 upgrades include War Factory 11, Railgun 9, and Heavy Cannon Turret 4. These will be enabled the week of the 14th.


  • [Events] The level 80 map in the January feature event will be the first Season 4 map. Bring your Heavy Vehicles, Commander, this base is a bruiser!


  • [Fair Play] Alliance Store ‘double buff’ exploit closed
  • [Combat] Peacemaker retargets away from tank units
  • [World Map] Camera auto-scrolls when Alliance Credit counter increases or when selecting an ally’s base.
  • [Subscriptions] Auto-renewal failing on iOS devices
  • [Other] General bug fixes and minor visual improvements


Good luck out there, Commander.


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