Dev Diary #3: September Changes

Aug.06.2018 BY KIXEYE_Chris

Commanders, July has come to a close and the team has been meeting to discuss our roadmap for the remainder of the year. The outcome of those meetings yielded substantial changes to our calendar that impacts the rollout of the Light Vehicle season, as well as the Light Vehicle Shared Equipment migration. Let’s dive in:

The End of La Muerte?

Our La Muerte season was originally slated to end here in August, which would then introduce the new enemy faction in September. However, we’ve decided to delay the end of La Muerte by one month. This should give everyone more time with the current maps that you’ve been gaining expertise at defeating, while we ensure that the next season’s maps are as fun as they can possibly be.

The event store for September will feature two new infantry units, the SSO Sniper and the Spetsnaz Team, along with as many existing unit blueprints as we can fit into the store. Are you falling behind on existing unit blueprints? September is your month for discounted older units. Time to catch up with this end of the summer blow out!

A Transitional October

October will be the first month of our new Light Vehicle season, and you’ll be introduced to a growing threat that has set up camp in the jungles of India.

This October event contains the first new Light Vehicle prize, however you’ll still be fighting the La Muerte season maps! What? Yes! This is the seasonal transition event, so get your hands on this newest Light Vehicle before the maps switch over to require a Light Vehicle combat approach following the event’s completion.

Shared Equipment

Light Vehicles will be migrating to their shared equipment system sometime between October and December. These migrations can initially be a little jarring but make progressing to new units significantly easier to do in the long term. More details will be released closer to the date of the migration.

Those Other Things We’re Working On

We’re ramping down our stability and performance push because we’ve rooted out a significant amount of errors and crashes. We’re still committed to maintaining or incrementally improving the current performance of the game, but this means we can begin to turn our attention back to quality of life improvements and feature development.

What we’ve committed to working on so far is a set of improvements that protect low level players from making bad resource or gold spend choices before they have a chance to learn the ropes of Rogue Assault. This list includes:

  • Blocking excess unit production
  • Blocking direct purchases for locked units
  • Improving our tutorials and early game messaging
  • Improving the promotion system to provide greater clarity of power gained when promoting units.

We’ve also committed to two additional features that should make advanced combat less complex or prone to unexpected outcomes:

  • Turning Unit Aggro off (no more vehicles driving away!)
  • Setting and surfacing Priority Targets for every unit

Last, we’ve made progress on lots of bug fixes lately, but there are still more to come, including (but not limited to):

  • Map auto-scrolling fix (scheduled for 2.32.4)
  • Occupied CPs not showing alliance owners in max zoom (scheduled for 2.32.2)
  • Helicopters getting stuck above natural terrain/turning around in combat
  • Units moving beneath unit cards
  • Attack arrows behaving inconsistently

Other projects, content, or features may arise and they will be messaged accordingly when they do. For now, this is where we are and this is our plan. Thanks for being there with us – we appreciate you all tremendously and can’t wait to close out 2018 by continuing to move Rogue Assault towards being as amazing as it can possibly be.

  • CM Chris


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