Super Hind Mk V Recon Report

Jul.11.2018 BY KIXEYE_Chris

Our recon teams have had a chance to look over the Super Hind Mk V and have compiled additional performance evaluations for this unit. Take a look at its stats, its upgrades, and its performance in combat compared to predecessor units.

Super Hind Mk V

Super Hind Mk V Stats
Type Helicopter Gunship
Damage Type Armor Piercing
Projectile Type Rocket
Role TANK: Burst
Can Damage Infantry
Light Vehicle
Heavy Vehicle
Cannot Damage Fixed Wing (can be damaged with Secondary Weapon equipment)
Countermeasures Vs Rockets (provided by Defense Equipment)
CC Level 9
Helipad Level 6
Max per Squad 2
Capacity 350
Description An upgrade of the MI-28, with improvements to all systems and armaments.
Stats Level 1 Level 10 Level 10 + Max Equipment
Min/Max Range 0/320 0/320 0/320
Max Speed 140 140 140
Fire Rate
1/1/0.3/4 1/1/0.3/4 1/1/0.3/4
DPS 2,028 2,423 6,507
+100% Dmg to Heavy Vehicles
Splash 25 25 25
Min Splash % 50 50 50
Health 38,766 46,329 124,393
+98,000 vs Armor Piercing
+60,000 vs Explosive
+42,000 vs Ballistic
Deploy Time 23 23 23
Cost to Build 7,900,000 Metal 7,900,000 Metal 7,900,000 Metal
Slot Unlocked Name Shared With
System Level 2 Advanced Hind Avionics
Defense Level 4 MJU 8 Flares
Crew Level 6 Vet Gunship Pilots
Armor Level 8 10mm Composite Panel T-129
Secondary Level 10 M230 30mm Chaingun T-129


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