2.31 Patch Notes

Jul.03.2018 BY KIXEYE_Chris

Hello, Commanders! The 2.31 update is another in our latest line of releases that focus on stability and performance improvements to the game. It contains one of the largest group of crash fixes we’ve released so far, with plenty more to come. Additionally, we are taking a new approach with monthly events and siloing them based on player level. Enjoy!


  • [Monthly Event] The July feature event, RITUAL, begins July 12th. Compete against La Muerte targets to earn the new Super Hind, a powerful ally for the T-129.
  • [Monthly Event] The monthly feature event is becoming siloed based on player level, similar to Daily Raids. Player level 5-24 will see missions 1-5 and have a unique store; player level 25-54 will see missions 4-8 and have their unique store; and player level 55+ will see missions 6-10 and have their unique store. This should allow us to provide a more level-appropriate experience for players.


  • [Units] F35-A build cost has been reduced
  • [Units] The primary weapons of Cobra and KA-50 now fire on air. All other helicopters still require equipment to fire on air.
  • [Units] MANTIS is now selectable in Select-All.
  • [Strikes] Gold Strikes have received a power increase. A separate post will go out shortly with additional details.
  • [Equipment] New Mk II and III equipment items start out at max level. Power is increased by upgrading the primary level of the equipment item, but as soon as you claim and apply the Mk II and III versions you receive their full effect.
  • [Turrets] PvE Salvo Turret is no longer armor piercing.
  • [Turrets] All remaining PvE turrets adjusted to match PvP turret stats. Potency of PvE turrets is still subject to target balance tuning.
  • [War Zones] Stronghold and Outposts are changing to the La Muerte faction event maps (used in the July and August events) approximately 1-2 weeks after we invalidate old clients. We are waiting until we can enable multi-hit functionality on these bases, similar to how they work in events.
  • [CP Wars] WAR phase timer has been reduced to 5 hours.
  • [CP Wars] SUDDEN DEATH phase timer has been extended to 3 hours. These timer changes are a temporary test based on community feedback that CP Wars are too unbalanced in the attacker’s favor. We will be monitoring win rates and determine whether the change will be implemented fully or altered further in approximately one month.


  • [Units] Units become unresponsive during PvP
  • [War Zones] HQs can be visually duplicated when relocating in the War Zones
  • [War Zones] Scouting a base and exiting returns the camera to the player’s HQ
  • [War Zones] Camera auto-scrolls to the bottom left of the screen. This is a partial fix. We will be monitoring and continuing to make improvements as needed.
  • [Protection] Bubble expiration time is not reset when player’s base is moved – affecting buffs.
  • [Store] Info popup lists the incorrect amount of Prestige that will be deducted when the Alliance Store cycles
  • [UI] Repair button is occasionally unresponsive.
  • [Performance] Major performance fix release. Crash stability should improve – with  more to come!

New game versions begin rolling out to the Google Play Store Tuesday, July 3rd; and the iOS App Store on Thursday, July 5th. We expect to force minimum version and enable the majority of changes on Friday, July 6th. Any remaining changes will be enabled over the course of the following week.


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