2.30 Patch Notes

Jun.04.2018 BY KIXEYE_Chris

Hello, Commanders! The 2.30 release is underway and includes the beginning of our newest event season against the resurgence of La Muerte. Read the full list of changes below.


  • [New Turret] The Gustaf Turret is being added as a new turret option to the Heavy Platform. A separate breakout post will be released with more in-depth stats.
  • [Feature Event] The June feature event, HOLY MOUNTAIN, launches on June 14th. La Muerte has returned with reinforcements and has taken residence in mountainous terrain that we advise tackling with Helicopters and Air units. The event briefing post goes live on June 12th.
  • [New Unit] The T-129 ATAK Helicopter is the top prize in the feature event, stepping up the functionality of existing units such as the KA-50. Helicopter power has re-awakened, Commanders!


  • [Shared Equipment] Helicopters are undergoing their Shared Equipment migration, similar to what Heavy Vehicles underwent several months ago. There will now be additional equipment slots on certain Helicopters, and equipment items can be used across multiple units. A separate post will be released soon, detailing the changes in greater depth.
  • [Balance Changes] With the Helicopter migration, several balance changes are being made to Helicopters and turrets. The details are being included in the Shared Equipment migration post.
  • [Blitz] You can now Blitz an event target that took multiple attacks to defeat. The Blitz cost will take into account the cost of all attacks run to that point.
  • [Event Targets] Players now only have 4 tries to defeat an event target before it resets.
  • [War Zones] Info Panels are receiving a small visual redesign. We are removing the “Owned by Rogue Faction” panel in PvE bases, and shuffling the other panels around to be in a more digestible order.
  • [Alliances] Searching for new alliances to join now has rules on the back end that filters more active alliances to the top of the results.
  • [PvE Bases] Outposts and Strongholds have been updated to new event map versions for June. Note that the highest level bases include new ‘fortress walls’ – which can only be passed over by Helicopters and Fixed Wing units. There is a known issue in which units can still shoot through these walls on occasion, but that is being fixed in a forthcoming release.
  • [Leaderboards] Leaderboard infamy now resets every 4 weeks, rather than every 2 weeks.


  • [Buffs] Fixed an issue in which Control Point Buffs would work while outside of the Zone Area.
  • [Buffs] Fixed an issue in which Control Point Buffs would work while in a WAR/SUDDEN DEATH state.
  • [Buffs] Fixed an issue in which the first resource production buff in a stack was not activating correctly.
  • [Combat] Fixed an issue in which secondary weapons were occasionally not firing. 
  • [War Zones] Fixed an issue in which the War Zones camera automatically pans to the edge of the map. This fix will not go into effect until we release 2.30.1 later this week, and fixes one instance of this happening. Additional fixes are planned to correct other instances that cause this issue.
  • [Other] Various minor improvements and bug fixes.

Unless otherwise specified, these changes will be enabled Monday, June 11th.


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