New Buffs Modal

May.15.2018 BY KIXEYE_Chris

Many new buffs are coming to Rogue Assault with the release of Alliance Tech Tree and the Alliance Store. To ensure you can always see what buffs are active, we’ve designed several new menus that show your active buffs, as well as their stack counts, and their remaining time of effect. Read more below!


There are now several “Buffs” icons distributed around the game, along with multiple menus that display your currently active buffs. These menus can be found in:

Command Center

Alliance Profile Menu

Info panel in War Zones

Scout screen

Each menu shows your buffs in a slightly different way, relevant to the lens through which you’re viewing those buffs. For example, the Scout screen buffs menu shows your combat buffs matched up against the combat buffs of your enemy; the Alliance menu shows all active buffs.


Buffs in the Alliance Tech Tree are persistent so long as you are a member of that alliance. However, buffs purchased in the Alliance Store are time-limited in their effect. These buffs are activated as soon as they are purchased, and last as long as stipulated in the Store.

If a temporary buff you’ve purchased is the same type as a persistent buff you have unlocked in the Tech Tree, those buffs will STACK their effect.


Certain buffs are shared between the Tech Tree and the Store, meaning you can stack a time-limited buff on top of a persistent buff.

Stacked buffs combine their effect via addition, meaning a 40% buff stacked with a 40% buff equals an 80% buff.



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