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May.15.2018 BY KIXEYE_Chris

Introducing the second of our two latest alliance features, we are pleased to bring you the Alliance Store. The store can be activated using two brand new currencies. Let’s check it out!


There are two new currencies that are obtainable through gameplay, Alliance Credits and Prestige. Both of these currencies are used in the Alliance Store.


Alliance Credits are common, and can be obtained through engagement in almost any part of the game. At launch, this engagement list includes:

Location Payout
Small Daily Crate 12 Alliance Credits
Large Daily Crate 60 Alliance Credits
Daily Raid 300 Alliance Credits
PvP Quickmatch 150 Alliance Credits
PvP War Zone FOBs 25 Alliance Credits
War Zone Strongholds 150 Alliance Credits
War Zone Outposts 150 Alliance Credits
War Zone Control Points 150 Alliance Credits
Event Missions 6 – 150 Alliance Credits
La Muerte 300 Alliance Credits
Campaigns 300 Alliance Credits
Tech Tree Donations Varies

When you earn Alliance Credits, all members of your alliance get the same amount of Credits in their inventory. For example, if I earn 10 Alliance Credits, every member in my alliance also gets 10 Alliance Credits for their personal inventory, to spend as they personally choose.

As part of the Alliance menu redesign, the members screen is now sorted by weekly Alliance Credit earnings, which allows you to see who the most active players in your alliance are.


Prestige is an alliance currency that is awarded for in-game achievements. At launch, these achievements include:

  • Select Reward claims in the Monthly Event
  • Select Reward claims in all Special Ops

When you earn Prestige, it is yours alone. No one else in your alliance receives this currency when you obtain it.


With these currencies in hand, let’s head to the Alliance Store. You can find this feature by opening the alliance menu and clicking the STORE tab.

There are several tiers to the store, with each progressive tier containing more powerful content. Unlocking higher tiers requires Tech Tree research in the “Alliance Store Tier Unlock” Tech node.

Now for the currencies! Once a tier is unlocked in the Tech Tree, it still requires you to have a minimum amount of Prestige before you can access its contents. As soon as you personally have enough Prestige to access an unlocked tier, you can begin to purchase that tier’s contents from the Store. You do not need to spend Prestige to unlock tiers — the tiers are automatically unlocked when you have enough Prestige to meet the unlock requirement.



This is why it’s important to undertake those more meaningful tasks in the game, as not only do they provide you their own immediate lift, they provide access to more powerful items in the Store down the road.


Alliance Credits are used to purchase nearly all of the individual items within tiers that you can access, however there are some select Alliance Store items that can only be redeemed with Prestige.

Each alliance member has their own balance, so you don’t have to worry about spending someone else’s Alliance Credits. Additionally, spending Credits does not decrease from your weekly Alliance Credit total in the alliance members Profile screen.


At launch, the following items will be available in the Store:

Item Effect // Duration Cost
HQ Metal Production Buff +20% metal production // 1d 40,000 Alliance Credits
HQ Oil Production Buff +15% oil production // 1d 61,000 Alliance Credits
HQ Thorium Production Buff +10% thorium production // 12h 40,000 Alliance Credits
Item Effect // Duration Cost
HQ Metal Production Buff +30% metal production // 1d 40,000 Alliance Credits
FOB Health Buff +40% all FOB structures // 1d 40,000 Alliance Credits
Quickmatch Damage Buff +30% Quickmatch Damage // 3h 15,000 Alliance Credits
Item Effect // Duration Cost
HQ Health Buff +30% HQ health // 1d 121,000 Alliance Credits
HQ Oil Production Buff +20% oil production // 1d 61,000 Alliance Credits
HQ Thorium Production Buff +30% thorium production // 2d 161,000 Alliance Credits
Alliance Credits +10,000 Alliance Credits 40 Prestige
Item Effect // Duration Cost
War Zone Cooldown Buff -50% movement cooldown time // 3h 54,000 Alliance Credits
War Zone Oil Cost Buff -40% oil attack cost of player HQs // 1d 215,000 Alliance Credits
War Zone Damage Buff +30% damage vs player HQs in WZ // 3h 54,000 Alliance Credits
Alliance Credits +35,000 Alliance Credits 40 Prestige

*Note for prizes that cost Prestige: your total Prestige count must be the minimum amount to unlock the tier + the cost of the item. For example, purchasing the Tier 4 Alliance Credits item requires you have 340 Prestige total.


Once a week, the Store will reset. The store week begins on Thursday 10AM and ends on Thursday 10AM. This results in the following:

  • You and your alliance members’ Alliance Credit balance is reset to zero.
  • Your Prestige count is deducted by the cost of accessing the highest tier you could potentially afford with your current amount of Prestige. The full amount is deducted even if you have not unlocked that tier through the Tech Tree.
    • Example: If the highest tier in the Store costs 300 Prestige to access, and you have over or equal to 300 Prestige, you will lose 300 Prestige when the Store resets.
    • Your Prestige count cannot drop below zero, no matter how much is deducted.
  • The Store’s stock refreshes. This might simply mean that the same items refill how many times they can be purchased, or it may mean brand new content is swapped into the store.

*Note that when we launch this feature we will be giving players ONE more day than usual to collect currencies for the Alliance Store to allow players to get used to the feature before it drops into its regular reset cycle.


Q: What type of items will be offered in the Store?
A: At launch, the Store will only offer temporary, personal buffs. In the future we may include other items.

Q: When is the store open?
A: The Alliance Store is open for a week before it resets to refresh its contents. The “week” starts when the Alliance Store opens and ends with the Alliance Store resets. This is Thursday 10AM PDT to Thursday 10AM PDT.

Q: Will I be notified when the store is about to reset if I’m offline?
A: Yes, we have a push notification set up to alert players 24 hours before the Store resets. If you don’t have push notifications enabled, we strongly recommend turning those on.

Q: Why is Prestige deducted by the cost of the highest tier, even if I didn’t gain access to it that week?
A: To reward consistent engagement. If you are regularly earning Prestige in every way you can, then the reset just bumps you down one tier and it’s easier to climb back up to the top.

Q: One of my alliance members got enough Prestige to access the top tier of the store, how come I can’t buy items from that tier?
A: Your Prestige count is personal, it is not shared, and it does not operate on a kickback system the way Alliance Credits do.

Q: I’ve purchased a buff from the store and it says ‘Claimed’ even though I have packs remaining that I can buy. Why can’t I buy more of that buff?
A: Once you purchase a Store buff it is immediately activated and you cannot buy that buff again until it has completed its duration. So, if I buy a buff that lasts for 4 hours, I cannot buy that buff again for 4 hours.

Q: Are buffs you buy in the store personal only – or do they affect everyone in your alliance?
A: Buffs purchased in the Store are personal only for now.



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