2.29.1 Patch Notes

May.15.2018 BY KIXEYE_Chris

Commanders, the 2.29.1 release contains the final major alliance features from our 2018 initiative to improve alliance gameplay. This update also contains a significant expansion of the types of buffs that are available, making your WC:RA experience highly customizable. Read more below!


  • [Alliances] The Alliance Tech Tree is being enabled. This shared progression system allows alliance to level up their chosen skill-sets through donations of metal or gold. The full details will be released in a separate post.
  • [Currencies] Two new currencies, Alliance Credits & Prestige, are being added throughout the game. Prestige is rewarded for larger tasks, while Alliance Credits are rewarded for almost all types of engagement.
  • [Alliances] The Alliance Store is being enabled. This store can be found in your Alliance menu and contains powerful, time-limited buffs, which can be purchased through a combination of Prestige and Alliance Credits. The full details will be released in a separate post.
  • [Buffs] A significant amount of new Buffs have been added to the game, unlockable through both the Alliance Tech Tree and the Alliance Store. Your gameplay experience is now even more customizable!
  • [UI] To keep track of all the new Buffs you can activate, Buff menus have been added to your Command Center, the Alliance menu, War Zones info panels, and the Scout screen for combat.
  • [Diplomacy] There is now a “Relationships” button in the Alliance Profile menu to view and select the alliances with whom you are allies, friends, or enemies. Generals can now manage diplomatic relationships from the Alliance menu!


  • [War Zones] If a FOB is engaged in combat, moving your HQ no longer provides a resource refund for that FOB. FOBs that are deployed but unengaged will kick back their scrap refund per normal. This limits the necessity for base holding in Control Point Wars.
  • [Alliances] The Alliance Menu has undergone a redesign, which now sorts your roster based on Alliance Credits earned in the week. This will provide greater clarity on who the most active players in your alliance are.
  • [Embassy] You can now immediately access the Tech Tree from the Alliance Embassy.
  • [Infamy] Infamy threshold at the top tier has increased from 7,000 to 7,750.


  • [Platoons] Players with overweight platoons will now have their units put back in their inventory upon player login.
  • [HIMARS] If a target was in range of the HIMARS’ primary weapon, but out of range of its secondary, the secondary would visually appear to fire as an additional primary. This was visual only, no extra damage was being done, and this issue has been fixed.
  • [Known Issue] Alliance Credits have visually started rewarding earlier than intended. However, these items are not added into an inventory unless the Store is open, so no one has actually gotten any early Alliance Credits. Everyone is starting on a level playing field.
  • [Known Issue] When purchasing a Buff in the Store, even if you have packs still available to purchase, that item will display as “Claimed” until the Buff expires. As soon as the Buff expires, you can purchase it once again.


These changes will be implemented once all previous clients have been invalidated and we have taken a 1 hour downtime, which we expect to occur on Wednesday, May 16th.


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