CP Victory Count Adjustment

Apr.06.2018 BY KIXEYE_Chris

As part of the 2.27 release, we are adjusting the amount of victories required to declare War on a CP, as well as the duration of the timer during the NORMAL or THREATENED phase. This is primarily taking place in lower level CPs, and we are making this adjustment in response to player feedback/participation metrics that show lower level CPs to be too difficult for mid-sized and small alliances to flip.

The new values are as follows:

CP CC Level Victories Required to Declare ‘War’ Timer
4 2 30 min
5 5 30 min
6 10 30 min
7 10 20 min
8 15 20 min
9 20 20 min


Just like the rest of the features in the 2.27 release, this will not go live until Tuesday, April 10th when we force update all users to the newest version.

Good luck!


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