2.27 Release Notes

Apr.06.2018 BY KIXEYE_Chris

Hello, Commanders, the 2.27 release is underway and it features several quality of life improvements to the War Zones. This release also contains the April monthly event, BADLANDS, and its top prize – the Leopard. Read the full details below:


  • [Monthly Event] BADLANDS begins Thursday, April 12th. Fight against the United Front to earn valuable tech – including the all new LEOPARD tank.
  • [New Unit] The Leopard is the most powerful tank we’ve seen thus far, with greater range than its cousin, the T-14, and a tier-up bump in all other stats. More details will be released with the event briefing.
  • [Base] New turret levels are being added for the Flak, Salvo, and SAM. Additional details are being released in a separate breakout post.


  • [War Zones] At lower CP levels, we have decreased the amount of victories required to trigger the War phase. This should make entry to CP Wars easier for smaller alliances. Additional details are being released in a separate breakout post.
  • [War Zones] Added technical support for additional War Zones regions.
  • [War Zones] Player HQ pins and FOB pins in the War Zones view are being removed, as it’s visually cluttering the map. This will not affect the pin that’s visible at the zone select screen or when choosing a hex to move into.
  • [War Zones] The info panel of War Zones targets is being re-ordered to ensure essential information stays above the fold. New order is: HQ info, player info, alliance info, rewards, attack info (e.g. attack cost), HQ status (bubble/cooldown), FOB reinforcements, and crates.
  • [Strongholds/Outposts] Target maps in Strongholds/Outposts are changing to the April/May monthly event maps. This should allow players to hone strategies going into the monthly events.
  • [Customer Support] Once a Support ticket has been closed, it now cannot be re-opened,  and will prompt users to make a new ticket if they have a new issue. Ensuring tickets remain single-issue only can help us track the status and resolution of Live issues more efficiently, rather than allowing issues to pile up over time and not having a clear end to a particular report stream.
  • [Free Ads and Offerwalls] Unfortunately, this feature resulted in several technical issues that aren’t able to be resolved with the system we have in place. As such, this feature has been discontinued indefinitely.


  • [War Zones] Arabic alliance names were failing to display in the player profile panel in War Zones.
  • [Chat] No breadcrumb notification appears when receiving a private message while out of the game.
  • [Alliance Gifting] When players upgraded to CC10, there was a short time in which they were failing to receive Alliance Gifts from purchases. We’ve credited what was missed to these players, but please note it may require a significant amount of clicking to get through all of the loot if there were many purchases missed.
  • [Units] The fix for HIMARS’ turret rotation that had to be rolled back in the last update has been reinstated.
  • [Other] Minor visual improvements, performance improvements, and bug fixes.


These changes and features will not go live until we have force updated players to the newest version of the game on both Android and iOS, which we expect to be done on Tuesday, April 10th.


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