2.26 Release Notes

Mar.12.2018 BY KIXEYE_Chris

Hello, Commanders, we’ve got a great 2.26 update for everyone. These changes are currently scheduled to go live at 2PM PST on March 13th, however the exact time is subject to change. Read the full details below.


  • [Base] CC10 building upgrades have been added. This includes available level increases to your Command Center; War Factory and platoon capacity; resource producers and storage; platforms; barriers; and select Turrets. Check out the separate post on the new building level details for full stat breakdowns.
  • [World Map] Added directional attack arrows to the War Zones, highlighting the attacker and defender in PvP combat. You must select a user that is currently in combat to see their attack arrows. 
  • [Event] The March event, OPEN PREY, begins March 15th. Continue your rampage through the scrapyards of the ruthless United Front and earn the powerful HIMARS artillery unit. Check out the separate post coming soon on OPEN PREY and the HIMARS for full details.


  • [Base] Transformers have been changed from a fire rate speed boost to a damage boost to turrets in their area of effect. This will not take effect until after OPEN PREY.
  • [Units] The T14’s top speed is increasing to ensure that it can comfortably stay out in front of the HIMARS. This will take effect before the start of OPEN PREY.
  • [Boss Battles] A new map for CC9 has been added. Formerly, CC8 and CC9 shared the same map, which made the difficulty slightly unbalanced. Tuning will be more correct moving forward.


  • [Base] Heavy Platform can’t be rotated.
  • [War Zones] 3 day restriction for new alliance members on participating in Control Point wars was failing to correct apply to the War/Sudden Death phase.
  • [Audio] Machine Gun Turret SFX continues to play when turret is dead or units have moved out of range.
  • [Replay] Spawned carrier units do not move during battle replays.

Good luck!


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