War Zones: Alliance Upgrades

Feb.20.2018 BY KIXEYE_Chris

We’re bringing two exciting new alliance features to Rogue Assault – Alliance Diplomacy and Alliance Gifting. These are the first in a series of advanced functionality features for Alliances that we believe will help take War Zones gameplay to the next level.


Alliance team-ups have always been a part of the way players navigate the competitive world of the War Zones. Alliance Diplomacy formalizes that process by allowing alliance Generals to mark other alliances as Ally, Friendly, or Enemy.

You must be the General of your alliance to set relationships. To reach the Alliance Diplomacy menu, click on a player’s alliance to bring up their alliance overview and click on the “Set Relationship” button.

This will lead to the Alliance Relationship menu. From this screen, an alliance General can change the diplomacy relationship between the selected alliance and their own.

ALLY – A very limited number of alliances can be marked as Ally. These alliances appear in dark blue in the War Zones and cannot be attacked in PvP. While they do not currently share in Contestable ZA bonuses for Control Points that your alliance owns, they can be considered an extension of your own alliance.

Ally is the only diplomacy status that requires a “Request” to be approved by the other alliance’s General before it takes effect.

FRIENDLY – A larger number of alliances can be marked as Friendly. These alliances appear as light blue in the War Zones, and you will see a warning message in the Scout Screen for these players in either PvP Battle or War Zones. While these alliances don’t share the same relationship that Allies have, these are likely alliances with which you have entered a non-aggression pact.

ENEMY – A limited amount of alliances can be marked as Enemy. These alliances appear as red in War Zones to be easily distinguished as enemies. While there is no other functionality changes that come with marking alliances as Enemy at this time, this does make it easier to locate and target specific Kill On Sight alliances who oppose your alliance in the War Zones.

NEUTRAL – Leaving an alliance unchecked in the Diplomacy menu marks them as Neutral, and they appear gray in the War Zones.


One of the best parts of being in an Alliance is helping your teammates make progress faster than they would be able to on their own. With this in mind, we’re pleased to bring Alliance Gifting to Rogue Assault.

Alliance Gifting is very straightforward. When a player makes any in-app purchase (defined as a purchase with real money, whether it’s an offer or a standard gold bundle), a free crate kickback is automatically gifted to every member of that player’s alliance. The contents of the crate varies based on the price of the purchase, as well as the CC level of the player when they open their crate.

You can find these gifts in the “Depot” tab of your Alliance Menu.

Now, every purchase you make in Rogue Assault helps your entire alliance make progress that much faster!

This is just the first round of alliance features that we’re excited to bring to the community. Stay tuned for more in the coming releases, and check in tomorrow for our final article on the War Zones before they go live.


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