War Zones: Alliance Buffs

Feb.19.2018 BY KIXEYE_Chris

Now that you know how to own Control Points (CPs), let’s cover the various buffs you can earn from them, as well as a bit of a sneak peek at what we have planned for the future.

To start, we’ll be keeping the Zone Area buffs the community is already familiar with.

  • Oil Generation Boosts
  • Thorium Generation Boosts
CC Level Oil Buff % Thorium Buff %
CC4 10%
CC5 15% 10%
CC6 17% 13%
CC7 20% 18%
CC8 25% 25%
CC9 30% 35%

The best benefits can be found in the highest level ZAs, which are in our established hotspots of Istanbul, Berlin, and Cagliari. Here’s some helpful heat maps of the various buff levels you can find in these Zones, based on the above table.

In the future, owning and occupying a Contestable ZA can provide benefits to the amount of Criticals you can get from PvE targets, as well as DPS and health buffs for both offense and defense. There’s much more to come and this is the first step in Contestable ZA bonuses.

Check back tomorrow to read all the details on the new Alliance Features.


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