WCRA Release Notes – 1/11

Jan.11.2018 BY KIXEYE_Chris

Greetings Commanders,

War Zones underwent a successful launch on Tuesday and we’ve started listening intently to your feedback on how these new changes are affecting gameplay. There are two major pieces of feedback that we believe we can address swiftly, and in response to this the following changes have been released to Rogue Assault:

Feedback #1: “It’s too risky to change zones and go raid others, because I’m vulnerable for too long”.

Changes released:

  1. Once you’ve deployed to a new Zone, the cooldown timer before you can leave that zone has been reduced from 24 hours to 1 hour.
  2. Once you’ve deployed to a new Zone, there is now no movement cooldown in effect. This means you can immediately deploy to a hex of your choosing, and it should make raids more feasible and strategic.

Feedback #2
: “The Oil cost to attack over distances is a little steep.”

Change released:

  1. The minimum Oil Cost and the maximum Oil Cost for attacking over distances is still the same, but the rate at which the Oil Cost increases over distance has been made much more gradual. So your minimum ranges of attacking before seeing meaningful Oil Cost bumps has expanded. This should make attacking over distances more cost-effective.

Please note that with Oil boosts and PvP kickbacks for Oil, attacking over long distances is already not nearly as costly as it may first appear.

Additional Changes

  • The Defensive Air Platoon has been enabled. You can unlock this defender platoon in your Airfield and for now you can only equipped Fixed Wing aircraft to this platoon. Check it out and improve your defenses!


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