War Zones – Resources, Resources, Resources…

Jan.08.2018 BY KIXEYE_Chris

Resources are Rogue Assault’s most valuable commodity and a number of changes are coming to the way you obtain these precious materials.

First, you’ve heard rumors about it…you’ve asked for it…at long last the Thorium Harvester is coming to Rogue Assault!


The Thorium Harvester is a new building unlocked at CC5 which can be built in your base and mines Thorium similar to an Oil Pump or Metal Factory. However, the Thorium Harvester has a special Supercharge feature related to War Zones. To supercharge your Thorium Harvester, move your HQ to a CONTESTABLE Zone Area, and then click the Supercharge icon on your Thorium Harvester in base.

(Displayed values not final)

In its Supercharged state, the Thorium Harvester will collect Thorium at a significantly increased rate, and the % boost to your Thorium harvesting rate is dependent on what Zone Area your HQ is located in. The higher-level Zone Areas provide the greatest % boost to your Thorium Harvester, so it’s worth mixing it up in those tougher areas if you want the greatest resource gains. Note that you will gain no % Thorium Boost increase in NEUTRAL Zone Areas.

Additionally, Thorium can no longer be stolen from your HQ, regardless of whether the Thorium Harvester or Thorium Storage in your HQ is destroyed or not.

We believe that moving Thorium Mining FOB functionality into your personal base in this manner will allow players to more strategically defend their mining endeavors. But that’s not the only way resources are changing!


The current model of resource stealing in WC:RA takes resources from individual buildings, such as Metal Factories and Storage. Unfortunately this process is somewhat flawed, as those particularly weak buildings are difficult to defend, and players can steal all of your resources with only a 75% victory, which doesn’t feel justified.

Moving forward, we’ve changed the system so that resource stealing is directly tied to how many stars you obtain. In PvP Battle, 3-Star victories will obtain more than 2-Star victories, and 2-Star victories will obtain more than 1-Star victories.

However, the 3-Star system now only exists in PvP Battle. In War Zones, the only threshold for victory is 100% destruction of your enemy’s base. Anything less than that, and you’ll walk away with nothing except your Oil Kickback, making War Zones a high-octane and high-consequence environment, and serving to make the HQ shields you subsequently earn from combat all the more meaningful.


This marks the end of the listed War Zone changes that are going live on January 9th. We hope you enjoy the first step of this epic War Zones overhaul as much as we enjoyed creating it. We look forward to your feedback.

Good luck out there, Commanders!


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