War Zones – PvE and Criticals

Jan.07.2018 BY KIXEYE_Chris

There are notable changes to rewards for Outposts and Strongholds, the PvE bases in War Zones, which make them extremely important.


There are now 7 levels of PvE targets in the War Zone, from CC levels 3 through 9. These PvE targets now give greater loot rewards, in keeping with their increased difficulty. All Outpost and Stronghold bases have been updated.


The second change is based on feedback from the Community that we regularly receive, which is that farming for specific critical components is difficult due to the semi-random loot drops in PvE targets. Following the War Zone Update, Strongholds (not Outposts!) will award critical components specifically based on the unit composition of the Platoon that defeated the Stronghold.

You will still automatically get components based on the unit type for the Stronghold (Infantry Strongholds, Light Vehicle Strongholds, etc). But, in addition to this, if the majority of your platoon that did the most damage to a Stronghold is made up of Riflemen, for example, you’ll have a higher chance of getting Riflemen critical components when you defeat the target. The Criticals components that are awarded from unit use are shown with a ‘BONUS’ text above them when they pop out from the award crate.

We hope that this will allow players to tailor upgrades to units they use for their play style without having to hunt for those units’ Criticals quite as much.


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