War Zones – Contestable Zone Areas

Jan.05.2018 BY KIXEYE_Chris

Contestable Zone Areas, one of the highlights of the War Zones Update, sets the stage for full Alliance territory control.

Each Zone Area now has a classification: NEUTRAL or CONTESTABLE. This classification will be displayed in the Zone Area Info Panel and the HQ Move Tray. These classifications determine whether player HQs can be “shifted” out of a Zone Area.



When a Player HQ is destroyed in a NEUTRAL area, the player HQ shield activates, but the player does not move. However, if two players are in the same CONTESTABLE Zone Area, and one player destroys the other’s HQ, the losing defender’s HQ will be shielded and pushed into another Zone Area – and this is referred to as HQ Shifting. Player HQs will be shifted a minimum distance semi-randomly to an adjacent Zone Area. If all adjacent Zone Areas are full, player HQs will be shifted even farther away.

When an HQ is shifted, the following occurs:

  • All deployed FOBs are auto-scrapped at a discounted scrap return-rate.
  • An HQ Cooldown timer will kick in, similar to if the player had moved on their own. If a player already had an HQ Cooldown timer active at the time of shifting, whichever HQ Cooldown amount was higher would be applied. 
  • A temporary flag is placed in the shifted HQs original location. While this flag is present, only the attacking player and his alliance can move their HQs or deploy their FOBs into the spot.


For the most experienced Commanders, there are 3 high-level CONTESTABLE Zone Areas in the world that signify absolute power. These are the LVL65-75 Zone Areas in the following Zones:

Cagliari in Western Europe

Berlin in Western Europe

Istanbul in Black Sea


More details will release closer to our February Update, but this concept of Contestable Zones and HQ shifting sets the stage for entire Alliances to control large areas of War Zones, which will eventually award powerful benefits across the entire Alliance. 

It’s worth becoming an expert at dominating a territory with your Alliance and shifting others out for when Dominion arrives so that you and your team can get those powerful buffs and your Alliance’s name in lights!



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