Proposed Game Updates

Sep.29.2017 BY Comprexor


In order to facilitate better communication between you and the game team, we want to provide an update on some of the proposed game updates the team is looking into. This is in addition to the bug fixes and balance issues we are addressing.

The below does not constitute all the changes the game team is considering and is subject to change, but we will update with new information when it becomes available.

New Strikes
We are planning on swapping out some of the current strikes for new strikes. We have a number of new units that have been introduced into the game since Strikes went live and we want to get into the habit of keeping this feature fresh.

Campaign Prestige
There is a lot of love for the original Campaigns but they have been unchanged for a while now. We have always wanted to go back and add more interesting gameplay to this feature. With that in mind, we are introducing “Prestige” levels to the second campaign. Once the campaign is finished, you will be able to play it again at increasing difficulties. Rewards will be increased as the difficulty increases.

Monthly Event Changes
We have heard some feedback on the Monthly Events and we wanted to address that for the next one coming up in October. We will be extending the store for an amount of time after the Event itself ends. This will give players more time to redeem their remaining points.. We will also allow rewards gained from Blitzing missions to overflow resource capacities.

New Chat
Chat in our game is not something that is technically performing at the level that we want. It can be difficult to read, navigate, and is often slow. We know that this affects the player’s overall experience in the game and want to correct it. We are working on a significant change to our chat system that we feel will address a large number of issues.

War Zone changes
We are looking for ways to address some of the concerns that players have with World Map while also continuing to enhance the gameplay in World Map to be a more strategic and fun experience for Alliances. We are actively working on a number of new features which we feel will deliver on the above goals. More information will be coming on this in the coming weeks.

Proposed Balance Updates:

Our goal is to make the PvP game a balanced experience for players at all levels. We strive to hit a balance between good defense and good offense in the game.

The below items are in development. Release times are TBD.

Barrier, Turret & Building Health Increases
Units have become significantly more powerful since the game launched last year and defense health, especially for buildings and barriers, has not kept up with the increase. A gradual, but ultimately significant increase in defense health for CC5+ is planned over the next couple of months.

Salvo Turret update
It is important that base defense is supported by turrets that are reliable in nearly all situations. These turrets would be difficult to evade, target both air and ground units, and importantly, not have a high power base. They would form a baseline amount of defense that players can use as a foundation upon which to add much more powerful turrets such as the Rail Gun or the Mortar. The MG Turret is a good example of a short ranged ‘baseline’ turret. The role of long ranged ‘baseline’ turret will fall to the Salvo. To fulfill its new role, the Salvo’s rockets will become more accurate while causing less damage.

AC-130 Secondary Weapons
While the Spooky currently holds a single L60 Bofors Autocannon, it was initially conceived to hold three weapons in total. Now that Secondary Weapons are officially supported, two new weapons are planned for the AC-130: the 105mm Howitzer and the GAU-12 Gatling Gun. When the new weapons are released, existing owners of the AC-130 will be auto-migrated to the new equipment to preserve the power of their AC-130.

Zeus Warhead
We introduced the concept of Ammo equipment with the Zeus. In a future update, the Zeus will gain the option to equip different kinds of Ammo to better tune it to different threats.

Sniper Evaluation
We are continuing to monitor the Sniper unit. The unit may be too strong in some situations and the question we are seeking to answer is whether the Sniper’s power is a result of the setup of the unit or a fundamental weakness in base defense. We are collecting more data on the unit before making changes.

MAAWS Evaluation
We are continuing to monitor the MAAWS unit. The unit is able to produce a large amount of damage in a very short period of time. As with the Sniper, we are going to continue to collect data on the unit before making changes.

Stryker Evaluation
The Stryker unit has a role to play in the game, but it is underutilized right now. We are evaluating the addition of more equipment for the unit to give it more utility in battle.


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