El Cucuy Returns 3/16


El Cucuy and his La Muerte are back on the continent with new and improved defenses. La Muerte bases will be more difficult to defeat, but will also give greater payouts and a chance to drop the new Sniper unit blueprint and critical.

The Sniper is a long-range support unit capable of taking down any infantry or helicopters that threaten your troops. They are useful at every stage of the game and gains huge bonuses when promoted.


Complete the following objectives to trigger a La Muerte base:

  • Join an Alliance
  • Choose and enter a War Zone
  • Enter the “Rise of La Muerte” Zone Area
  • Destroy 25 Outposts (not Strongholds) in that Area


La Muerte Bases have certain rules:

  • You can attack the first time as normal
  • Damage to the base will persist to the next attack
  • Each attack after the first will require Redeploy Tokens
  • Redeploy Tokens will heal your platoon and grant a 15% damage bonus. This bonus can be stacked multiple times, but will reset if you return to the War Zone.
  • Redeploy Tokens can be found in silver and gold chests from Outposts

Each time a member of your Alliance defeats El Cucuy, your entire Alliance will receive a +5% damage modifier, applied to all attacks. This effect can build up to 30%, lasts for two hours, and will stack with Redeploy Token bonus attack damage.

Rewards can be found by tapping the event banner or by clicking on a particular La Muerte Stronghold.

Boss Battle 2.0 begins Thursday 3/16 at 10:00AM PDT.


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